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Standalone Fire MODULE containerized
with ICFF "Blizzard"

- Appointment -

   Autonomous fire module container type (APMKT) with a combined fire fighting units designed for rapid fire detection and extinguishing of a major explosion hazard as well as objects with highly toxic chemical and bacteriological agents, warehouses and bases of ammunition and explosives at high altitude helipads buildings and ships, offshore oil platforms in cable tunnels, enclosed spaces inaccessible to people or objects with the technological regime with no passengers, as well as putting out fires in forests and towns.   

     APMKT position in standby mode

APMKT in transport position

Diesel pump set APMKT

Distinctive feature of APMKT with ICFF "Blizzard"

    APMKT feature is their speed and agility, readiness at any moment to apply the extinguishing agent to the fire, the use of a wide range of fire extinguishing systems using ICFF "Blizzard" (water spray with a range of 50-80 m foam supply of low and medium expansion ). The use of foam of low and medium expansion can significantly reduce the time of suppression, to reduce the amount of fire extinguishing. Application in the installation APMKT ICFF "Blizzard", allows to protect the process of extinguishing it, as the installation is at a considerable distance from the fire. ICFF "Blizzard" allows you to implement a new technology for the production and supply of foams, with increased 5-10 times the range and speed of spreading over the surface of flammable liquids, and thus:

  1. Increases the rate of fire of 2-3 times compared to traditional means.

  2. Reduced by more than 5 times the number of fireman, directly involved in the fire fighting.

  3. Reduce the risk to human health and life, as fire suppression may be at a considerable distance from the burning object.


ICFF "Blizzard -80" to extinguish
penopodemnike PBC-5000


Production versions APMKT

  • stationary, with the ability to use on-site as a standalone pump station;
  • Mobile option, with the ability to transport to the car chassis. The module can be equipped with a fixed fire monitors UKTP "snowstorm" capacity 50-100 l / s. (Protected area of at least 3000 square meters).


Technical characteristics

Container volume [m³ ]


electric pump units

feed, and [l / s]


head, [m]


Water tank, at least [l.]


Tank foam, at least [l.]


Workers operating temperature, [С°]

-45 +50


ICFF "Blizzard-5"

ICFF "Blizzard -7"

ICFF "Blizzard-30"

or other types of up to 100 [l / s] and a range of water supply and penydo 70-80 m

Quantity of attendants


one man


one man

Weight (without water stock of and foam concentrate) is at tons


Supply of medium expansion foam APMKT
 with ICFF "Blizzard" in situ "Krylatskie hills", Moscow

196641, Russia, St. Petersburg, Metallostroi town, Doroga na Metallostroi, No 5A Building
Tel./fax: 8 (812) 464-61-41, 464-61-45
e-mail: sopot@sopot.ru

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