There is no need to dwell on the necessity to provide fire safety for the mulitary industrial complex. It is still more difficult to extinguish the fire at some of these sites as on the one hand they undergo constant risk of being set on fire or exploded and on the other hand they may be situated quite at a distance from any natural sources of water. That is why the most evident problem fire-fighters have to deal with in case of emergency is a lack of fire-fighting substances and impossibility to deliver them to the ignition source. This puts military objects at risk of total destruction, their personnel`s safety being also endangered.

        Fire safety is of vital importance for such military sites as ammunition depots, aircraft hangars, explosive, chemical and poisonous storages as well as testing laboratories, proving grounds, ships`and submarines` utilization grounds and weapon plants. All the military objects need to be equipped with the most effective fire-fighting facilities so that their personnel might take timely measures to localize and suppess the fire (sometimes the fire is to be extinguished within several seconds as otherwize it may become indomitable and bring to a disaster). Specialists of Research and Production Association Sopot have a clear understanding of the problem. They have developed and started to produce Autonomous Fire-Fighting Module of Container Type (APMKT Blizzard) which allows localizing and extinguishing fire within a really short time.


AFMCT being transported .

         There are two modifications of the module produced for the costomer`s convenience: it can be either fixed at the object and perform the function of an autonomous pumping facility or installed on the chassis, which allows transporting the module easily from one place to another so that it follows any nonstatic military objects at any stager of their production and testing (when their fire safety is at the lowest level) defore they start to perform their military mission.


         The module can contain 5000-20000 liters of water and 1000-3000 liters of foamer. The two substances form conbined jets of the fire extingushing form. This is quite enough to extinguish the fire at the initial stage. The autonomous module consists of a pumping unit with an electric or diesel engune (having pumping capacity of 200 liters per second) and also water and foam transporting lines which communicate with the Blizzard module filling its vessels with fire extinguishing substance.
          The module is absolutely unique as it can provide fire safety for an area of no less that 3000 square meters. Its efficiency still grows if the module is implemented jointly with the Blizzard complex fire-fighting unit. Their joint working catacity makes it possible to ejaculate the fire-extinguishing foarm todistance 50-80 meters (that is five or six times farther than their counterparts usually do).

The diesel-pump unit of AFMCT.



         All this allows reducing both the time and risk of fire suppression, as the unit can be used quite effectively at a considerable distance from the ignition source. As a result not only the fire is suppressed, but also the fire-fighters` lives and health are not put at risk.

         The most odvious advantager of the autonomous fire-fighting module produced by Sopot are its mobility and ability to ejaculate the fire-extinguishing substance to any place at the shortest time possible. The module helps to quickly localize and suppress the fire and also tominimize losses caused by it. What is also worth mentioning is that the Autonomous Fire-Fighting Module allows using a wide range of fire-extinguishing substances. All these characteristics make the module`s installation at most military objects totally indispensable.

          The Blizzard Autonomous Fire-Fighting Module of Container Type and the Blizzard Complex Fire-Fighting Unit are used by the personnel of the Northern Fleet at the atomic submarines, chemical and fuel waste utilization grounds. They are also installed at some multifunction high-rise building in Moscow.

        The Autonomous Container Type Fire-Fighting Module effectivery provides fire safety for the military objects at various stager of their production and testing before they start to perform their military mission. In case of emergency it takes a second for the module to start working. The module can be implemented jointly with the Blizzard unit producing up to 100-200 liters of fire-extinguishing substances per second and spreading it to distance of 100 meters. The module has counterparts neither in Russian nor abroad.

"Defence order" №1 2007

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