47 firefighters firehouse village Shoybulak (Mari El Republic) got a new specialized vehicle "Blizzard"


    Recently firefighters IF-47 RSU "CRCL Mari El Republic" Shoybulak village got a new fire truck GAZ-59402. Such a wonderful gift firefighters received from the Government of the Republic of Mari El. Choice of receiving a new specialized technique is not accidental. Within a radius of departure airport firefighters Shoybulakskih "Yoshkar-Ola" Tabashinsky refinery, railway station, Yoshkar-Ola and CNG filling stations. Wonder-car is made based on BTR-80. The machine is equipped with a combined rail - Special lifting rollers, mounted front and rear, allow you to move on rails.
    Mounted on top of a full-circle tower operator with the installed system coupled "Blizzard-20." Supply of fire extinguishing pump delivers Mon-40UV with supply of 40 l/s. Tank capacity with frother - 1000 l, pressure - 55 m in the back of the machine is 260-hp diesel engine, clocked 15-ton car to a speed of 80 km/h on the highway and 50 km/h when moving on rails. Protected sealed enclosure GAZ-59402, which is located a fire calculation, allows the foam from a distance of 50 meters from the fire. Install complete extinguishing "Blizzard" developed at the Scientific and Production Association "Sopot" (Saint-Petersburg). The device generates extinguishing foam of different composition. Medium expansion foam has good insulating ability, ie creates on the surface of the combustible material layer which prevents the exit of gases and vapors in the combustion zone. Low expansion foam has an increased range of supply due to the high kinetic energy.
    This principle of joint transportation foams of different compositions can as soon as possible to eliminate the oil fires in tanks, large-scale post-accident fires aircraft at airports and on board the sea, river and rail transport, in hangars, warehouses of ammunition and highly toxic substances. High cross fire armored and ability to draw water from the water sources unequipped piers can use the technique for extinguishing forest fires that republic rich in forests is important.

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