Standalone Fire Module Containerized plants with a combined fire-fighting "Purga".

(APMKT with UKTP "Blizzard"). 

      Designed to extinguish fires in the wood processing industry, timber ports and terminals, depots and bases of flammable and combustible liquids, as well as for fighting fires in forests and towns.
      Closed Joint-Stock Company "Scientific and Production Association" modern fire technology "(" NPO "Sopot") Winner of the National Industry Award "Bison-2006", the grand prize EMERCOM 2005., 2006., Awarded the "Golden Shield of the Russian economy," International Diploma "European Quality", a member of the International Academy of Patronage, the World Academy of Integrated Security. General Manager - Kuprin Gennady.
      "NPO" Sopot "has its own research and production base, has highly skilled scientific, engineering and operating personnel to carry out the orders of significant size and complexity. Produced by certified quality management system ISO 9001 for design, development, production, testing, sales and service UKTP "Purga"



Production versions APMKT.

  • stationary version, with the option to use the on-site as an autonomous pumping station;

  • mobile option, with the ability to transport to the car chassis. The module can be equipped with a fixed fire monitors UKTP "snowstorm" capacity 50-100 l / s. (Protected area of at least 3000 meters)

APMKT stationary.

    APMKT a trailer.


Diesel pump set APMKT.

Entrance vestibule APMKT.

Control panel APMKT.



Supply of medium expansion foam APMKT with UKTP "blizzard" on stroyplrschadke "Krylatskie hills", Moscow.


composition APMKT:
  - container for equipment;
      - diesel pump set;
      - water tank capacity of 5000 liters.;
      - foam tank 1000 l.;
     - Portable installation UKTP "Purga-5" and UKTP "Purga-7";
     - mobile unit UKTP "Purga-10.20.30"
     - fixed master stream nozzle UKTP "Purga"
     - water and foam communication devices to connect devices "blizzard" and devices filled containers;
     - portable power HX 3000;
     - hand pump to pump foamer;

Special features APMKT with UKTP "snowstorm".
      APMKT with UKTP "Purga" allows for a new technology for pen and feeding, with increased 5-10 times the range and speed of spreading over the surface of flammable liquids and thereby:

  1. Increase the speed of fire of 2-3 times compared to the traditional means of.

  2. Reduced by more than 5 times the number of fireman, directly involved in the fire fighting.

  3. Reduce the risk to human health and life, as fire suppression may be at a considerable distance from the burning object.

Furthermore APMKT Provides a water spray with a range of 50-80 m feed that allows you to create a heat shield during localization and liquidation of fires and emergency situations, and to use this opportunity for decontamination and cleaning up contaminated land.


196641, Russia, St. Petersburg, Metallostroi town, Doroga na Metallostroi, No 5A Building
Tel./fax: 8 (812) 464-61-41, 464-61-45
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