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     In the region on the basis MOE from 8 to 10 September 2004 conducted by the International Specialized Exhibition "Technology Oil Spill and oil fire fighting facilities" and a seminar on the theme: "The organization of measures to prevent and eliminate oil spills."
     The exhibition-seminar was attended by the deputy heads of the regional offices of national and regional Emergencies Ministry, led by Deputy. Minister of Emergency MI Faleeva and R. X. Tsalikov, VNIMPO staff, representatives of the Ministry of Defence oil campaigns, government agencies.

     The exhibition-seminar for the participants and visitors of "Ivhimprom" (Ivanovo), together with JSC "NPO Sopot" (Saint-Petersburg) held by the combined plant UKTP "Purga" demonstration trials n0 6TST foam, which has a higher extinguishing capability and is designed to extinguish ¬ tion of oil and petroleum products. Foamer n0 6TST widely used in fire extinguishing at special facilities.

     The tests demonstrated excellent properties of foam-P0 6TST and high technical characteristics of the installation "Purga-1O.2O.ZO." ZO sec was extinguished hearth burning diesel fuel area of 400m2 (free burning time more than 2 min.). Was involved in extinguishing one fire tanker. It should be noted that the JSC "Ivhimprom" and JSC "NPO Sopot" has been in ¬ chenie those years together close mutually beneficial cooperation to market the production of fire-technical use.

     Due to the stable high quality foam extinguishing of JSC «Ivhimprom" and a special performance units UKTP "blizzard" of production of JSC "NPO SOPOT" an alliance of domestic manufacturers shows excellent results.
     In recent years have been carried out demonstration tests of foam extinguishing systems and "blizzard" at various sites in Russia and the CIS (Tuapse, Ufa. Pulkovo. Tver. Minsk). JSC "NPO SOPOT" and OAO "Ivhimprom" brings creative approach, the constant search for the rational problem solving, development and creation of new, improved products.

     JSC "NPO SOPOT" - is a modern dynamically developing production company that works on a large scale on a truly scientific basis. The value of the contribution of the company in our domestic industry is undeniable. It cooperates with many countries of the near and far abroad.
     Judge for yourself. Settings "Purga" let as soon as possible with minimal involvement of equipment and personnel at a safe distance to put out the most complex fires. And it has been repeatedly demonstrated in real fires.
     OJSC "Ivhimprom" is Russia's largest manufacturer of synthetic foam for fire fighting. 6 currently manufactures 13 types of fire extinguishing foam and high quality for fighting various combustible materials, including petroleum products. The list produced by JSC "Ivhimprom" foam ¬ ducer almost completely covers the needs of firefighters in Russia and CIS to the range to fight fires on any objects of the economy. Department of Defense and other government agencies.
     In recent years, the priority is the production of foam for fire fighting. Significantly expanded the range of hydrocarbon and started to produce ftorsinteticheskih foam.
A distinctive feature of foam "Ivhimprom" are highly resistant foam, high extinguishing capability, stability properties during storage. Review of regular consumers of foamers "Ivhimprom" reliable, economical and efficient.
The result of the combined efforts of "Ivhimprom" and JSC "NPO SOPOT" their mutual support and technical development is the further expansion of relations and promotion of both companies to markets in Russia and CIS.


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