Recent developments in improving the effectiveness of large-scale FIGHTING FIRES.

     There are situations when the time for fire fighting should be in the second - the next disaster could happen. Burning plane with people or weapons, nuclear industry, rail tank cars with oil, oil refineries and chemical plants, ammunition dumps, or enterprises that produce them. All of these objects in a fire require immediate and effective action, sometimes without human intervention.
     JSC "NPO" Sopot ", which produces a combined installed fire-fighting" blizzard ", successfully solves the immediate localization and as quickly extinguishing a fire on any areas and stages of development. A number of these plants is tried, tested and implemented at the sites of the various ministries and departments.
     The present invention, which allows for instant fire fighting, was the technology of the combined stream, combining the best qualities of foam extinguishing technology high and low ratio. Combined jets have increased pumping distance and high-speed quenching. The foam penetrates the high temperature environment, is not afraid of the convective flow and reaching the fuel surface, isolating it from the environment. Least of the fact that the installation itself, and made from local materials foam, for example, produced by JSC "Ivhimprom" are not expensive and, given the rate of elimination of fire, fire can keep the economy at the highest level.
     For rapid detection and extinguishing fires high explosive objects, objects with highly toxic substances or enterprises with technological mode, eliminating the presence of people, JSC "NPO" Sopot "created a robot-extinguishing (RUE)" blizzard "with electronic intelligence. RUE "Blizzard" can operate in standalone mode. It has a fire detection system and an effective system for extinguishing technologies JSC "NPO" Sopot ". You can pre-record the program automated monitoring object and function radio control. Installation can also be mounted on that automotive ladder with which to put out the fires of high-rise buildings. No less interesting development of JSC "NPO" Sopot "is a self-contained unit of container fire (APMKT) with the installation of combined firefighting UKTP" blizzard "that allow you to quickly locate the fire and take steps to eliminate it.
     The module can be fixed and transportable. Using the module is relevant at the construction sites of the zero cycle to commissioning in the period of the operation, including the helipad located on the roofs of tall buildings. Provides automatic start of the module, as well as the mode, controlled by man. Effective development of JSC "NPO" Sopot "proved as various types of tests, and to extinguish real fires. For example, plants in Volgograd "Purga" put out the tank with oil in the immediate vicinity of the vessel which was carrying a large amount of liquid gas. Avoid explosion could only be acting very quickly. Install complete extinguishing (UKTP) "Purga" installed on penopodemnike, working at some distance from the hazardous object, provided rapid fire extinguishing tank in dangerous conditions.
     Large-scale fires sometimes impossible to locate regular fires.
     In these circumstances UKTP "blizzard", which makes chemical agent to fly further and can operate at a distance of 20 to 120 meters or more, it is essential for fire rescue. A set with a remote control make the work of fire is safe.
     Two years ago, at the plant "Orlen" in Poland were carried out comparative tests of the fire, which was attended by American and German systems, and a Russian UKTP "Blizzard." Was ignited petroleum a 200 metrov2. German plant put out a fire for 2 minutes, the U.S. - for 1 minute, and "Blizzard" It took only 10 seconds. That's why two years ago the NGO "Sopot" receives state military order to equip fire trucks airfield complexes "blizzard" that offer quicker extinguishing fires after the accident aircraft and facilities, where the time from the start of combustion to a critical situation from 30 seconds to a minute.
     Also for 5 years JSC "NPO" Sopot "on government contract Provide a" Blizzard "all firefighters train Russian Ministry. Since 2004, the installation "Purga" Order of MES of Russia adopted for service divisions of fire protection, as well as included in the report card of the provisions of fire trucks.


KUPRIN G., Ph.D., CEO of JSC "NPO" Sopot "


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