ICFF "Blizzard": effective fire - fighting.


     Today the need of large organizations in a good fire-fighting equipment, which at an early stage allows to extinguish the fire, is greater than ever. Ensuring safety in emergency situations it is important not only for the companies in reducing economic losses, but also for the environment.





    In the years 1974-1985 periud development of effective means of dealing with the post-accident fires aircraft on the ground. The studies found new ways of fighting fires, implemented in systems firefighting aircraft (UTPS).
    Invention to combat serious and localization of large-scale fires were set combined fire fighting (ICFF) "Blizzard." Savings and speed - that its main advantages.
    This setting allows you to more effectively cope with pozharomi. The device was developed as an efficient synthesis of two different mechanisms. With the first devices (such as GPS-600), it was possible to apply the foam medium expansion, has good insulating ability, but the disadvantage of this device is too small pumping distance (7-8 m). In contrast, the second mechanism (device) Provides a low expansion foam, which can be made for long distances, but the foam is generated from it has poor extinguishing characteristics.

ICFF "Blizzard-60" in the nuclear icebreaker "50 Years of Victory".

      Developed in the depths of "NPO" Sopot "device" Blizzard "concentrate in itself all the best: good cooling effect and high range (over 50 m), and high insulating capacity and foaming. By combining two different dynamics in their jet provides increase the range of medium expansion foam supply, due to this - increasing the speed of spreading it on the surface of the burning liquid and reduce the time that the flame burning. if you are using this technology to extinguish the fire disaster of the aircraft on the ground for quick containment of fire and create a safe zone for evacuation.

      On the basis of this design series production of more than 30 types of plants, "Blizzard" capacity from 2 to 300 l/s. and a range of extinguishing foam from 20 to 100 m.
      A significant step in front in the fight against forest fires has been the development of a new system ICFF "Blizzard" which is part of the spillway helicopter unit. In addition, it may be installed in other locations: on fire engines, stationary rigs, trailers, boats, etc.
      Today, the main consumers of the "NPO" Sopot "are subdivisions of fire MOE, providing fire protection companies for processing, storage, and transportation of oil and oil products, Russian Railways, which, in the framework of the State program of fire safety in railway transport, equipped settings "Blizzard" virtually all fire trains in Russia.


ICFF "Blizzard-30" in the airfield fire engine.

    By order of the Northern Fleet specialists of JSC "NPO" Sopot "has developed an autonomous fire unit of container, designed to protect the objects: in particular submarines during repairs. Moreover, on the instructions of Chief of Navy specialists of JSC" NPO "Sopot" ICFF "Blizzard" implemented on the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", which provided this facility safe from fires.

     "NPO" Sopot "implementing orders from the oil company" Lukoil "," Transneft "," Surgutneftegas "," Bashneft "Tatneft", the Ministry of Railways, nuclear power plants, the Department of Forestry of Russia Deportamenta Air Transport, the Ministry of Defense Industry It also provides work for foreign customers. Among them - the Dutch ships that are already installed ICFF "Blizzard".

Installing the "Blizzard" on the armored car.

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Quenching of the distillation column.

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