The attack on the fire

On the southern hill station sorting Kochetovka South Eastern Railway occurred gathering tank with gasoline.


    It toppled across the way, and under the strain of broken weld neck zahlestala High-flammable liquid.
    Flared instantly played on an area of over 650 square meters. The fire threatened to destroy the brake position slides, process facilities. There was a threat of fire to cars in podgorochnom park.
    Just ten minutes after the withdrawal of tanks arrived on the scene the fire to a train station with Kochetovka fighting crew, led by team leader Alexander Karjakin.
    Firefighters immediately assessed the situation. To prevent the spread of fire and explosion tank, used foam attack. A setting of "blizzard" brought down to the fire stage foam and powerful jets of water cooled burning tank. Worked tirelessly pumping systems engineer Nikolai Anisimov, driver Alexander Marchenko fire engine, fire Alexander Zakharov Alexander Bazhenov led by the commander of calculation Victor Gurov.
    Quickly set up a headquarters to extinguish the fire, which included the head of the order of departmental security Moskvich George, Chief of the Fire Department Michurinsky road Sergey Menshikov, the deputy chief of departmental security Victor Pyshnograev and arrived at the scene of the road chief Anatoly Volodko taken all the necessary measures, and the fire was extinguished.
    The remaining gasoline - about fifty tons - pumped into the spare tank.
    But even before three in the morning was laborious and time-consuming pouring the fire, lifting means reducing capsized tank.
    The investigation established that allowed for emergency signaling devices idle hump centralization. They were turned off during the transfer controller to a new building on the preliminary screening on duty slide. As a result of numerous violations of the 505 th samoperevelsya turnout, which led to the overturning of a tank.

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