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Long-range "Blizzard"

       Global warming is to blame, the intensification of hazardous industries, human negligence whether - to judge the art, but the fire, all over the vast, destructive and wasteful, it becomes more and more around the world. Burning houses and forests, oil tanks and vessels and aircraft arsenals. Quenched their long, sometimes a lot of people to evacuate. It would be good to put out much more quickly, and, if necessary, over large areas, and what? In the West, developed sufficiently effective means of fire, such as foaming agents such as AFFF - "Easy Water." But the "water" is not easy for the environment, it relies on is not harmless, especially in production, fluorine, and also very difficult for the pocket: it every 5-6 more expensive than domestic hydrocarbon blowing agents. But we are not efficient enough, they are difficult to extinguish fires powerful. About it - below.
      Even 20 years ago, before the Soviet "Fire" by scientists was tasked with developing an effective means for rapid fire extinguishing planes in an emergency landing. We had no choice: The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is strictly required (and still requires) installed in all airports of fire extinguishers, acting precisely on the basis of fluoride foam as the most effective. And for us, it was ruinous. In one of the institutions have tried to create a similar domestic product, but something is not quite work out. A military expert on firefighting G.Kuprin by studying the physical and chemical processes of burning and extinguishing the fire, considered this a dead-end road, and decided that it is possible to improve the numerous domestic, environmentally friendly and safe, fire fighting resources are already available, so that they not only equal but superior to expensive foreign.Г.Куприн показывает мощную и дальнобойную 'Пургу', способную потушить пожар на расстоянии до 100 м.
  It turns out that conventional hydrocarbon blowing agent may be, however, and may be even more effective than fluoride. But to do that they formed by the foam to be delivered to the combustion zone, sometimes by a significant distance. It is too light and airy (fluoride every 7 denser), which is good for fighting a fire, because such foam instantly enveloped large amounts of burning and quickly suppresses the fire. But try to throw away a piece of fluff. Does not work? That's sort of lightweight foam is not flying. Throw out of the ordinary of our fire extinguishers does not exceed 5-8 meters. Come over that distance to the same burning plane!
 Gennady studied the theory and practice of fire fighting since his student days, he graduated from the appropriate military school in Leningrad, then "fire" department of the Moscow Academy of the Interior Ministry.
The topic of his thesis was just extinguishing fires after the accident aircraft on the ground. Now Kuprin - colonel, author of dozens of patents and CEO of the St. Petersburg company NPO "Modern Fire Technology" (Sopot). Back in the 80's, he decided to go into the mechanics of education neftoristoy foam and deliver it over long distances. Much has been done already. But just recently he and his colleagues have developed Sopot most efficient in the world setting "Blizzard" that can throw this foam to a distance of 100 m upgraded installation of this type were first shown on in Moscow in the halls of JSC "Expocentre", exhibition "High Technologies of the XXI Century ", which is a continuing interest of specialists.
   In conventional installations worldwide foam is formed by applying the solution on a fine mesh, from which suck air passing through the net, delivering foam to the destination. Naturally, the grid becomes an obstacle to air flow and reduces the range, the more significant the foam easier. Kuprin and his colleagues have learned to overcome this resistance. Mechanically, they create a grid alternating pulsation, as if vibrating grid enables a light then, the heavy, dense foam (know-how). But this is not enough. Sopot created an unusual "combined" barrels, fire watering combination of light and heavy jets of foam. They are arranged so that the resulting heavy foam becomes a conveyor for light foam. Heavy picks up and absorbs it into himself, mixed with it in flight (it turns a kind of fragmented jet) and runs up to 100 meters, bringing back its light, the most effective fire-extinguishing "colleague" (know-how). This raises a very important effect. Heavy foam rapidly cools the place where the combined stream enters (the radiant heat flux drops to zero, re-ignition is almost impossible), and simultaneous burning insulation from the surrounding air, which dramatically reduces the time of quenching. How to prepare the site for the battle with the fire, like arillerii heavy, heavy foam "die" and delivered it gives way to a "Corps" - a light foam that finally, very quickly and very effectively overcomes the strongest fire.Ручная 'Пурга' с успехом заменит обычный огнетушитель.
   Judge for yourself. Recently in Poland was a joint trial "snowstorm" of modern American, German and French fire-fighting systems. Westerners used their fluorinated blowing agents that they were going to "Provisional Government" to the Poles, and our - very cheap, but alas, it is extremely inefficient hydrocarbon Polish. And what happened? 200 m2 of Fire French and the Germans put out for 2 minutes, the Americans for a moment, and our over 10s! And, I repeat, a cheap foaming agent, from a safe distance of 20 m, while its competitors had come nearly close to the fire and act four, and the "snowstorm" managed only one operator. Since then Western rivals such events are avoided. Today supply "snowstorm" have been going to the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the same Poland, Hungary and other countries near and far abroad.
Several versions of "snowstorm" of various capacities, capable of throwing the jet at different distances, but not less than 20 meters, there are even options for a weight of only 6.8 kg. The latest, now patent-pending manual setting allows you to not feed solution on sleeves, as usual (sometimes have to pull them to the great distances) and get foam on the spot, in the canister. Are especially useful in trains, planes and even cars.
   Now in the first place "Blizzard" is used to extinguish the fire at oil and petrochemical industry, in forests, ammunition depots, power facilities, fires in the same aircraft, of course, on ships, in the terminals.
Recently tested and proved that the new system is very effective to put out fires in homes, because the foam that is delivered to a great height (30 meters) from the ground or remotely managed installation, fixed on the fire escape (there is also an option) causes internal rooms much less damage than there usually pour water. Today, such a system has already been introduced to some of the Moscow skyscrapers, where it is installed permanently and can operate automatically by smoke detectors, temperature and even the visual anomalies. Noticed by rotating a predetermined program thermal camera fire - kerf also rotating "Blizzard" and while the alarm is raised by it, come running fire, she had put out the fire.
   Now "snowstorm" hard book for fire protection of nuclear power plants, airports, where it is necessary to extinguish the burning aircraft for 1-2 minutes for the oil and gas industry and many other objects. Not surprising, the new settings are twice cheaper overseas, environmentally much cleaner and much safer - to go near the fire is not necessary. Let's hope that the widespread introduction of different types of firefighters will dramatically cut our losses associated with fire - material and, above all, human.



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