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The village Metallostroy restored unusual by today's monument - Sergei Kirov.

   True, you can only see after visiting the industrial area of the village - a bust-known political figure, who stood at the cradle of the industrial complex in Leningrad, for decades stood in the park at the former factory "New Force". From now on, a monument to Kirov, after two year break to regain its former position. Safe return was made possible by the efforts of many people working in different organizations - the municipal council of the village, the non-profit partnership "Metallostroy-2", which united the enterprise industrial zone, and "NPO" Sopot. "That collective" Sopot "took it upon himself to landscape the park and recover once stood a monument.


The newspaper "WINDOW" "Time to erect monuments" page 2

    According G.N.Kuprina, CEO of the company engaged in production of unique fire safety equipment and more than three years, "apartment" in the industrial area "in organized subbotniks worked almost all employees of the company with great pleasure and desire." According to Chairman of NPC "Metallostroy 2" V.I.Avdeeva, "this is the first bright spot in the industrial area of the village." In the Administration of Section Metallostroy very hopeful that the initiative "Sopot" will be picked up and other companies who understand that taking care of his native city - it is not only the duty of the state, but also the duty of all those who live and work here.

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