Intensive construction of multi-functional high-rise buildings, in the absence or inadequacy of providing a regulatory framework often results in higher costs for design and construction protivopazharnoy protect these structures. In this case, in order to ensure better protection of high rise involuntarily laid multiple overlapping systems protivopazharnoy protection.


Standalone Fire module container type. (APMKT)

G. Kuprin

General Director of NGO "Sopot".

A. Kartashov

Director General of TD "Ivhimprom"

        The basis of the high-rise buildings fire suppression systems traditionally, like many years ago, laid the water systems, despite the fact that most designers know that the fire water inefficiently and that it is in the process of localization and suppression often causes much more damage to buildings, structures and property, rather than the fire itself.
        The standards also do not cancel the application of the fire brigade to extinguish internal fires, despite the fact that their timely arrival of the fire in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and others, are highly problematic because of the high density of traffic. Moreover, fire fighting tactics of urban fire services, as many years ago, based on the use of water, which also often results in significant damage.


APMKT entrance vestibule.


Internal layout APMKT.



      In our view, high-rise firefighting zdaniydolzhno and can be solved with the use of water and foam fire fighting, as it is high-rise buildings can be equipped with the necessary supply of water and foam, as well as the transportation system and supply foam to a potential fire hazard.
      The concentration required amount of water and foam, if pumping stations can dramatically sokartit localization time and even before the arrival of fire suppression core capabilities of urban fire departments and, therefore, reduce the risk of destruction of property or injury to health and save the lives of many people. Scientific and Production Association "modern fire technology" (ZAO NPO "Sopot") is designed, manufactured and tested autonomous fire unit of container (APMKT), which consists of a pumping station with a fire control system, water tank and foam fitted with dosing system solution. APMKT different from existing automatic systems in that it includes the installation using "blizzard", providing increased range of feed streams of foam combined low and medium expansion and sprayed water.
      Effectiveness and efficiency of the system is also due to the use in it of clean foam produced by "Ivhimprom." Concentration of APMKT provide use with the start of construction of high-rise buildings (zero cycle) up to commissioning of the entire complex, or the entire building. This module can gradually rise from floor to floor in phase construction of the building, allowing for complex fire protection at all stages of the construction.


      JSC NPO "Sopot", together with "Rybstroyinvest" and TD "Ivhimprom" conducted field tests APMKT goes directly to the construction site of a multifunctional skyscraper "Krylatskie Hills" in Moscow. The results exceeded all expectations. From APMKT connected to the power supply of the site, with UKTP "snowstorm" obtained the jet mechanical foam range of up to 50 m, the multiplicity of foam was 50. Based foam blowing agent P06TST of JSC "Ivhimprom" for a few seconds was covered an area of about 1000 square meters, with a layer of 0.3-0.5 m, which was held at the scaffolding, concrete area for 2-3 hours .

      Such tests proved the feasibility of a rapid response to emerging high-rise buildings by the fire as the builders and the staff of the organizations maintaining the building.

      The availability and effectiveness firefighting in buildings with mechanical foam was also confirmed during field tests in May 2006 in Volgograd, with foam fed into a burning building outside the building using UKTP "snowstorm", mounted on Automotive staircase AL-50. With the application was eliminated a simulated fire on the building area of over 100 square meters for 1-1.5 min..


     Thus it is proved that the use of air-mechanical foam for fire fighting buildings can provide effective fire suppression and significantly reduce the amount of damages.


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