AS A MIRROR LIKE "the Open Road"
(Experience abduction of intellectual property)


    Theft of property, including intellectual property, the world is a matter of offense. Recently, it was reported that due to the production of counterfeit goods by pirates in Russia Americans annually lose about three and a half billion dollars, seriously worried the U.S. State Department.
    Accurately calculate the losses Russia, no one can. We only know that only in the form of capital flight, the country lost $ 24 billion in 2000, 16 billion - in 2001, and is forecast to Sberbank, the losses in 2003 will be about $ 10 billion. According to conservative estimates, the loss of the country because of the loss of intellectual property rights of the state and business are comparable to the annual budget of the country.
    Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who recently returned from one of the international summits, directed the Government and the State Duma as soon as possible, just in haste, prepare legislative measures in the field of copyright and related rights, to bring certain provisions of laws in line with international law. It is not difficult to guess that the Western politicians, in response to suggestions Kasyanov on cooperation, investment and credit, set to premiere a condition to restore order, becoming civilized society.
    This gives hope that soon, both from Russian and international laws, are properly evaluated illegal actions hunters foreign ideas and technology. An example is the activity of the company «Pyrocool Eastern Group», a Czech American «Pyrocool», which fraudulently lured from Russia and assumes the right to the production of advanced technology Fire.

  Revolution in europe with "Russian" fase

    Many Russian participants of exhibitions for fire equipment abroad can confirm that the West began a well-organized representation of the American firm Czech market promotion blowing security installations under the name «Blizzard».
    Promotional materials and on the web page say that they are revolutionary solutions in fire fighting facilities. Only Russian specialists at the first look at the installation accurately determine that «Blizzard» - a replica of the well-known line in Russia blowing devices "Blizzard", developed and produced by JSC "NPO Sopot", patented in Russia and secure international application in Europe .
    Settings allow you to deliver a combination of high and low foam multiplicity to the fire burning at a distance of over a hundred meters and a few minutes to cope with the most difficult fires. For example, the whole world watched the fire tanker which watered for several days, until almost all the oil burned.
    A similar fire that occurred in the port of St. Petersburg on the tanker "The Hague", was eliminated within a few minutes after it came into play installation "Blizzard", which, by the way, and adapted for use at sea.
What «Blizzard» - an exact copy of the "Purga" know and in «Pyrocool Eastern Group» - Czech representative of the American company «Pyrocool». But do not want to admit it. Who would voluntarily confess to the theft or fraud?
    General Director of "Sopot" Gennady Kuprin who spent two decades of this unique device and whose copyright secured numerous patents and certificates, believes his experience of entering the foreign market should serve as an example to other domestic developers. And also become a subject for reflection on the protection of intellectual property rights in our country. And not only that.


soft staley ...

    When a U.S. company, through its representation of the Czech showed interest in its development, Gennady Kuprin this was not surprised. Russia was visited by a lot of "walkers" in search of new technologies and developments, bought them at times in impoverished research institutions are "a bunch of a ruble." Forced to show some restraint and understanding that if the unit will go to the West before it is patented, will not count on that.
    However, the first steps taken by foreign businessmen, spoke about the seriousness, and the promises were able to melt the coldest ice prejudice. Which cost only a passage from the Director-General of «Pyrocool Eastern Group» Mr. Václav Mechirzha: "We came to the conclusion that this may be easy to install. For this reason, you must immediately register a patent on a European level. In such a way to provide basically the installation against theft. Without such measures can not be safe in the future to continue to work with the introduction of the system in the world market. All our investments would be put at risk the objectives set in our collective agreement, we progressively implemented. Brand «Blizzard» already registered and paid for. "
    Vaclav Mechirzh was ready for anything, just to quickly get their hands on the development of "Purga" constantly urged to provide product on a specialized exhibition in Brno.
    It was assumed that after the exhibition, will sign an agreement on the licensing of the production of "Purga" under the name «Blizzard» (discordant alleged Russian name for the European ear), with the obligatory indication that the installation is made under license from JSC "NPO Sopot." All stages of negotiations recorded documents in the agreement. In short, had every reason to assume that the "Sopot" went deeply decent business partner, who will help to bring the installation into the world market.


...yes hard to sleep

    The first confusion started when Gennady Kuprin following units arrived in Prague. When visiting the factory, where he planned only to prepare for the production, he was surprised to find that work has already begun. At least a dozen commercially made preparations for the production of equipment caught his eye.
    This was contrary to the agreement. He immediately tried to calm down, they say, so necessary for the exhibition. And to remove all questions and resolve misunderstanding, asked a favor of the formal - is prepared to sign the paper. It was composed in five European languages, but for some reason there was no Russian text. When the question of the content of the document proposed to be signed, it became clear that it was "only" clearance of the goods for exhibitions and ... production equipment.
    Such frank scam Gennady did not expect. First reaction was to the decision to withdraw from participation in the development of the exhibition. This turn of events is not explicitly included in the plans of the Czech-Americans. In the course was put everything to hush up the emerging scandal, the publicity which could seriously damage the firm's reputation for sensitivity to violations of ethics western market.
    The exhibition took place. Settings "Purga-Vlizzard" had obvious success. In the prospectus means that the installation is made under license from JSC "NPO Sopot." Parting, Mr. Vaclav Mechirzh eagerly claimed that the licensing agreement will be signed soon. And that the contract number 003, signed by him in St. Petersburg - the indestructible evidence of this.


And in response - silence

    We must assume that, abandoning the proposed Czech partners play "scam", Kuprin severely hurt the sensitive nature of the pirates of the business. Who would have thought that the Russians really dare to claim equal rights? So annoying politeness and courtesy dramatically changed arrogant and cold silence.
    After all, in Prague ripe to answer queries about the upcoming signing of the license already being manufactured equipment, the rights to which are owned by the company "Sopot". And frankly decided to substitute the matter, wishing to gain time. Money, and considerable, meanwhile flowed naturally.
    What are you? What license? We release «Blizzard» in the development of French patent in 1972 already! And do not want to know about the "Blizzard." First, prove it! A little more, and it could be argued that most of the "Sopot" they hear for the first time.
    The fact that the Institute of Industrial Property of Russia was made thorough patent search, which confirmed the original device and the lack of its analogues in the world, and the ability to obtain patents "Sopot" made no impression. As evidence that the link to the French patent no unfounded. When the material embodiment of this product would not hold out openly in its characteristics to the "Purga".
    Evidence was not heard. «Pyrocool» is in full assurance of impunity. But I think it is not.



And one at Soldier Field

    Unfortunately, we have to state the obvious fact. Manufacturers and owners of intellectual property in Russia too long considered themselves vulnerable to the brazen robbery. So far, the government did not understand that the way it encourages economic impoverishment, lays its chronic backlog in the years ahead. It seems that business has moved from the "dead spots".
    The imperfection of our laws is complemented inability single punch concrete walls neglect, which erected businessmen from abroad against Russian producers. And not everyone had the power alone to make required for this expenditure in the European courts and patent agent. While international practice shows that the protection of rights - a serious and reliable business for specialized firms still enjoying state support.
Specialists such a level in the country are available.
    The Russian side has every reason to believe that, since all agreements and contracts concluded on the territory of Russia and the Russian patent owner, then it is not all lost. For example, why not think of art. 165 of the Criminal Code, which provides for criminal liability for causing damage to property by fraud or breach of trust? And international law in such cases, acts tough, highly appreciating the moral damage caused to the injured party.
In short, our inventors and patent holders are not going to give the fruits of their labor specialists with "high road."

Vladimir Kulikov

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