A fragment of conversation with the Russian Emergencies Ministry Sergei Shoigu.

      "To interested in our work organizations can include the St. Petersburg company" Sopot. "For the first time in the world has been created by its employees of the combined installation of fire extinguishing APU" Blizzard ", which uses the latest technology of simultaneous supply of foam jet low and medium expansion. Highest efficiency VFU "blizzard" has for fighting forest fires, large fires in railway stations, sea and air transport, with fire suppression fuel spill at oil terminals, petrochemical plants and transportation fuels. This is a major step in addressing the fire. installation was first presented at the Last year the cabin, but then she did not go to trial. this year APU "Blizzard" showed itself in action at the site in Noginsk. system is universal in that it provides a single plum creation barrage strip up to one kilometer, fire fuel on an area of 1500 square . meters. Development has no analogues in Russia or abroad".



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