Automatic fire extinguishing system helipads using installations ICFF "Blizzard"


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Automatic fire extinguishing system helipads
using installations ICFF "Blizzard"

In recent years, especially in connection with the activation of the construction of tall buildings, very relevant was the issue of fire protection helipads.
    In this design organizations in shaping the automatic fire extinguishing system helipads use different regulatory framework in which, unfortunately, is not considered the main parameter, namely, the dynamics of the fire disaster of the helicopter on the helipad and the rate of fire extinguishing spilled fuel combined simultaneous cooling of hot metal structures helicopter as well as the intensity of the wind loads (of the wind) near the helipad high building. Disregard of these data leads to a dramatic reduction in fire protection facility.

 For example, if we take the "Temporary regulations multifunctional design of high-rise buildings and complexes of buildings in Moscow" (MGSN 4.19-2005), in accordance with them, a platform to save lives of at least 20x20 m with metal tray with deaf parapet height not less than 0.1 meters shall be equipped Stationary automatic installation foam fire on the area, with an estimated running time of at least 10 minutes. and filling volume 20h20h0, 1 m for 1.5 min.
    Calculations show that the cost of foam solution to fill this volume should be approximately 6.3 l/s.

   However, the practice of extinguishing fires in aircraft, including helicopters, shows that this amount is not enough.
Really to extinguish a fire at the site 20x20 m in the normative flow rate 0.14 l/s m2 need about 56 l/s penoobrazovtelya solution, that is almost 10 times more than the stipulated norms.
     Given the dynamics of the fire and the destruction of existing factors in the design of the helicopter fire, he should be put out for no more than 30 seconds after the start of flame impingement on helicopter design. Thus, the rate of elimination of combustion should be at least 13 m2 /s.
     It is these initial data, that is, the time required extinguishing 0.5-1 min. on an area of 400m2 inspired the creation of an automated system Stationary helipads with ICFF "Blizzard."
     The system includes: a pumping station with a capacity of up to 50 l/s, with the supply of water and foam solution sufficient to provide 100% fire on the said area, piping systems, fire detection and alarm to activate the pumping station and the foam on the area .
     The response time of the signal of the fire is not more than 20-30 seconds.
Stationary mounted units provide supply of foam on the surface of the jets simultaneously plschadki in the design of a burning helicopter. This creates the required rate of between 13 m2/s fire and cooling the airframe.
Protection is provided by the site Stationary mounted on a ring around the helipad facilities ICFF "Blizzard." Number and type of units determined by the project in each case.
     Example of plants shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.
     Production technology and transportation pen different dispersion and multiplicity implemented in ICFF "Blizzard" means faster fire more than 5-10 times compared to traditional means.
     Field tests of the automatic fire extinguishing system helipad shown high efficiency. For the first time possible to create the required thickness of the foam for 10 seconds. while protecting the entire surface of a helicopter with water and / or foam.

Self-contained unit with fire ICFF "Blizzard-30"

Fig. 1. Scheme firefighting helicopter with ICFF "Blizzard"
(view the site in section)

Fragment Stationary automatic fire extinguishing system
with ICFF "Blizzard-5"

Fig. 2. Scheme firefighting helicopter with ICFF "Blizzard"
(in the background)

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