Fire at Volgograd refinery 

    March 10, 2007 in Volgograd refinery suffered a major fire, which was immediately assigned a higher grade of difficulty.



    12-51. At the processing plant, designed for primary refining, a fire broke out. First arrived at the scene three-duty units OGPS MES of Russia in the Volgograd region, led by the chief duty shift lieutenant colonel of internal service Victor B. Sorokin.

     V. Shchepilov: The primary and very important task - to quickly assess the situation and determine the critical line of fire extinguishing and distribute the strength and resources, which fell on the shoulders of operational duty - Victor Sorokin, he arrived first, organized a combat area with a challenge to the personnel, rastavit technique. The fire occurred at the processing plant, designed for primary refining. Lit vacuum tower height of 43 meters and bottling mineral oil under it on the area of 200 sq.m. There was a real threat of the spread of fire, collapse of structures and pipelines. On the third number of the units began arriving garrison. A total of 116 participated in extinguishing the fire personnel and 20 units of core and specialized fire fighting equipment.



     1.13. Is the collapse of the column with an increase in fire area to 400 square meters, a strong burning inside the column and the threat of explosion it.

     V. Shchepilov: If you think that she fell near the furnace were located - there really reduce the heat, it would lead to a more rapid spread of the fire had fallen on the atmospheric part of the plant - would be great destruction. Column fell well, so to speak, in such cases. Imagine: a column of 43 meters in height! If she had fallen in some other way, there would be tremendous damage. God has saved. The main task of the personnel at the time, was to prevent the spread of fire to a nearby processing equipment, the operator, the unit heat exchangers, columns and adjacent furnace and quenching the burning tower. We managed to keep the fire within the process plant and prevent it rasprostronitsya to neighboring technological blocks. All occurred in the operating facility, which is tehnlogichesky process.

      And it is important to note competent actions of staff, who promptly cut off supply of electricity and petroleum products. However, it was organized in collaboration with all the essential services of the plant, which will reduce the time disconnect AVT-6, to terminate your access to its oil. When fires occur at the plant, the success depends on the suppression of all structures of vital refinery units, including the organization of the territory and the cordon of fire extinguishing. In this situation, security agency "ONION-A-Volgograd" adequately coped with its task..


     13-30. Come to the fire management team EMERCOM Russia's Volgograd region, led by Major-General Vladimir Pine, and with it the first deputy to the State Fire Service, Colonel Arkady Shibakov internal service which took over the fire extinguishing themselves. To the fire come additional assets, as well as head of PI NCC FPS MES of Russia in the Volgograd region, Major domestic service Dmitry Tekushin on duty operational services.

     V.Schepilov: One of the determining factors of fire fighting is our unique technology, it is - installation of combined firefighting UKTP "blizzard" in the car lifts SPT-32. Developer UTKP "Purga" is JSC NPO "Sopot", headed by retired colonel Kuprin Gennady, who was chief of the fire department equipment and safety Tolyatinskogo VVSKU and 90th year let me, was my mentor. We use the unit "blizzard" in 2000. The last 2 years use it actively. Her performance was also confirmed with large fires that occurred in our August 26, 2005, when burned 2 tanks KM-3, a complex of oil with a total area of 1,200 square meters.



    18-16. Thanks to the clear and reliable management units, high professionalism, courage all participants extinguish the fire quickly isolate (14h 51m) and eliminated in a short time.

     V.Schepilov: Efforts firefighters managed to save half of the installation, which is one of the main plant, and save the city from an environmental disaster. Atmospheric setting that managed to defend, is scheduled to start May 1 of this year. We are carrying out major construction and repair work to restore it. This will allow the plant to operate normally for the production of light oil. But most importantly, people are alive. The fire and the elimination of the affected staff and employees of fire there. Such a test squad fell in the year of Jubilee. 3rd squad state fire service for 50 years with honor guards from the Volgograd refinery fire element, away from fire, not only works, but also the largest industrialized Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd. The uniqueness of the order is that it is a special place, in service - a modern, mobile technology, professionally trained and cohesive team. Firefighters are not afraid of fire, because you have to be very strong psychologically to overcome itself, not to lose courage before a huge pillar of flame, because sometimes have to work in a temperature at which the metal is melted.

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