All-weather air support

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       Rescuers have demonstrated
possible helipad on the hospital.

       Institute of Medical Emergency Janelidze now be able to take even helicopters vneletnuyu weather. It opened an updated landing area. Modern Lighting equipment and video cameras will allow pilots to land in poor visibility. If, during the take-off or landing, an emergency happens, such as a fire, then put it out it will be possible without the help of fire due to the special automation to eliminate the fire. Rescuers on Tuesday, October 30, demonstrated equipment experts and representatives of the city authorities. The site was built and upgraded by the order of the Committee on transport and transit policy.
       Today in St. Petersburg is another such helipad - in the children's hospital № 1 on the Avant-garde street. Objects are used aircraft in emergency medical care.
       In 2013, the design of such facilities will begin to Alexander Hospital and hospitals Elizaveta. According to industry development scheme and object placement of air transport arrangement such sites will close seven other health care institutions. Furthermore, in addition to the two landing sites that exist on the ring road, will build four more within the highway interchanges. Also helipads
should appear in the sea port and the CCM "St. Petersburg."

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Author: Nikolai Bondarev

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